January 2013, Wish Opera Launches a New Program for Artists, Performers & Creators of all mediums. Join a Community of Supportive Artists on the Journey to full Self-Expression, Success and Fulfillment. Read more…



Wish Opera believes that as we step into the spotlight as individual artist’s and express our authentic selves and voices we encourage others to also share their unique gifts and talents.

Wish Opera is currently enjoying a shift to more ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of being Artists and Performers in the Canadian Arts Scene. With AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY and ARTIST’S SPOTLIGHT all aspects of a performers psyche are being observed, nurtured and empowered. Artists and Performers are transformed and delighted by exploring and mastering these aspects of their journey throughout an artistic career and life.

Creating a modern vision of opera by infusing the existing beauty of operatic sound with contemporary fashion and design. Click here to learn more about Wish Opera.